2. Passion

Choose to be successful in what you’re passionate about. You’ll enjoy the journey. Working from home? Go for it! Love for the environment? Just do it!

3. Knowledge

Combine your passion with knowledge. If your passion is in auto sales, know everything about your product and that of the competitors. All your clients with the trust you because you can easily explain to them the benefits of your product versus the competitors.

4. Take Risk

Combine knowledge with risk-taking. If you’ve always wished to work from home, research thoroughly the Pro and cons of this business model. Then just start. Don’t delay

5. Be Coachable

Everyone learns from someone. Ask questions. Listen carefully. Ask some more questions. Apply what you learn and become better at what you do.

6. Resilience

Even with all the knowledge and advice, sometimes thing don’t go as we expect. Stay the course. For example, after 6 months, your online store’s income is just miserable. Stay the course! At some point, you’ll turn a corner.

Remember Jake Ma’s story? When he was young, he was one of 25 people who interviewed for a job at KFC. 24 were accepted. He was the only one who was rejected!

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

7. Patience

When we read about others’ success, we go,  ‘Wow, I wish I can do that.’ But can we see their sweat, tears, fear, and failures? Yes, they keep going for years before they succeed!

8  Positive

Combine patience with positive thinking. Your optimism will make you resilient. You will look for opportunities in difficult situations instead of being paralyzed in negativity.

9. Sociability

Ah, in this age, you can’t be successful without being sociable. Whether you’re working a 9-5 job or running your own business, being sociable makes you likable and memorable.

10. Connection

Being sociable helps you build a huge network of connections! These connections will open doors you’ll never imagine!

Here’s success to you!

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