Some time ago, my wife noticed that my hair is thinning. “Do you know your hair is thinning?”, she asked. I checked in the mirror. What used to be a bunch of healthy hair, like a vibrant canopy of the Amazon jungle, now looked like a secondary woods by a highway. I can almost see through the woods!

I’ve got to do something about this and QUICK!

(The art of cheating is very old, read The Classic Spanish Prisoner Con is 500 years old and is still alive and kicking)

And so I googled ‘Hair loss treatment’ and the search came up with 19,100,000 results. Apparently, there are 19,100,000 ways to stop my hair from thinning. O wow, where do I start. Then I remembered in one of my Facebook thread there was an advertisement for hair loss solution. I checked and found the link. Clicked. It showed a top view of a guy’s head with little hair and his scalp visible and then the next photo, lo and behold, he has a full head of hair! That’s what I need! I’ve solved my image problem.

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The Hair Grow Miracle Book

I checked further, and strangely it does not sell any product and was just hawking a book about how to regrow hair the natural way. I read the synopsis and testimonials and was immediately convinced this was the book for me. And then I remembered what Abraham Lincoln said.

So I checked for third-party reviews. Oh, there were many comments. All negatives! The book is badly written. The book is a lousy cut-and-paste job. And some advice is just laughable. Don’t buy it!

Well, back to square one. But why does whoever is behind this lousy book on hair loss solution continues to advertise his product? There must be many people who are still buying into it. If only they recall what Abraham Lincoln said.

By the way, it  was not Abraham Lincoln who said, ‘do not believe everything you read on the internet’. It was George Washington.

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