If you desire to live a beautiful bungalow with an indoor swimming pool in a prestigious address, then see yourself living there. Immersed in the mental image as if it is actually happening. Imagine swimming in the pool’s warm water. You can feel the warm water on your skin. You hear your little son laughing as he slides into a kiddie pool. Wow, that’s the life you really want! Then all your actions will propel you towards that dream goal.

(Read about how MALIKI uses visualization technique to build a dream bungalow at Where Can You Find Free Books by Joe Girard, the world’s greatest salesman)

But ah, be ready to work really hard and make sacrifices. Good things in life do not come easy.

Know this guy?

Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone

This is Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone. You know him as Rocky Balboa. You also know he’s a huge Hollywood star. But do you know his pain before becoming a star?

He was a struggling actor and at some point, he became so broke that he stole his wife’s jewelry and sold it. He even ended up homeless for 3 days, sleeping in the New York bus station. He also has no money to buy food.

His lowest point came when he sold his beloved dog to a liquor store owner for only $25 as he could not feed it. He cried.

At that time, he wrote a script for a movie. A movie house wanted to buy it for $125,000! But he refused to sell because he wanted to play the main character, Rocky! The Studio turned him down because they said he “Looked funny and talked funny”.

Later they doubled the offer to $250,000. He refused. Then they offered $350,000. He still refused. But finally, they agreed to buy his script for $35,000 with him as the star!

The first thing he did when he received the $35,000 – yes, you guess right! – was to buy back his dog. And he bought back the dog for $15,000, the same dog he sold for $25!

He is now a successful superstar because he saw or visualized himself as a film star. It was so real that his dream became a reality.

Habit Number 2: You see the glass as half FULL!

“Is this glass half empty or half full?”

Glass half empty or half full?
Glass half empty or half full?

If you say, ‘half empty’, then you’re a pessimist. If you say, ‘half full’, you’re an optimist.  If you expect good things to come you will take actions that produce positive results. If you expect bad things to happen, it will keep you from doing the very things that might have minimized or avoided just that!

Taking the example of a car salesperson. If sales have slowed, a pessimist will say, “The market is so bad, fewer people are buying cars.” While the market may be tough, by thinking negative, the salesperson will do nothing and his sales will continue to decline.

However, by accepting that the present market is challenging and believing that things can get better will move an optimist to keep thinking of ways to improve his or her sales.

Perhaps, there’s a slow down in sedan cars purchase. The optimist asks, “How can I sell more vans then?” He then makes up a list of all potential van buyers – School Bus operators, Factories that use vans to transport their workers, tour companies etc. He then systematically approach each of this potential customer to introduce them this van model. Over time, he will have a solid block of customers who will buy vans from him.

Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the shoe salesmen. A British shoe company sends 2 Salesmen to an African country to see whether there is a market for shoes. They come out from the airport and see that nobody wears shoes!

One salesman promptly calls the company president and says, “There’s no potential here. Nobody wears shoes.” He quickly takes the next plane home.

The second salesman takes a taxi to town and everywhere looks, nobody wears shoes. Excitedly he calls the company president, “Sir, we have to set up a sales office here immediately! There is a massive potential here because nobody wears shoes!”

What is the lesson here? The first salesperson is a pessimist and sees the glass as half full. Since nobody wears shoes, there is no market for shoes. On the other hand, the second salesperson is an optimist. To him, the glass is half full. Since nobody wears shoes, there is a huge market for selling shoes.

Habit Number 3: You start the day with high ENERGY!

Do you dread going to the office? From today onwards, change the way you enter the office. Chest out, head high, walk strongly and greet your co-workers, “Good morning, have an awesome day!” with power in your voice! Start the day with energy! The energy that comes from within you.

Your wish will come true. You yourself will have an awesome day because that’s what you want. All your thinking and actions will be channelled to make that day awesome! Believe it, words have power. So stop saying, “Sh*t” or F**k. Your day will be Sh*t and F**k. Instead, use powerful positive words.

Words have power!
Words have power!

Always say, “I can do it!” Remember the story of the eagle and the chicks.

Once upon a time, an eagle egg fell from a tree and rolled onto a chicken farm. A mother hen took the egg home and put it with all her other eggs. And so, when they hatched, the eagle thought he was a chicken like his brothers and sisters. He walked like other chicks and pecking the ground for food. Pok! Pok! Pok!

One day, the eagle chick saw a large eagle flying high in the sky and exclaimed, “Oh, how I wish I can fly like that big bird!” All the other chicken shouted, “Don’t be stupid. You’re a chicken. And chicken can’t fly!”

Dejected, the eagle lived its life as a chicken. After some years the eagle died. The lesson? Believe you are a Sales Conqueror. Stay away from negative people. Every day, you stay positive and energetic.

Habit Number 4: You NEVER Give Up!

A young man was desperate for a job. He was not highly educated. He applied for a job with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) There were 24 applicants. 23 were accepted. He was the only one that was rejected!

He was Jack Ma! Watch this video for inspiration.

When the goings get tough, do not give up! Giving up is dangerous. Be resilient! Keep fighting! Tough time doesn’t last, tough people do!

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