How to close a sale: Overcome an objection, “I don’t have enough budget for the monthly payment” by using Power Sales Scripts.

These are the 4 most common sales objections:

For Bahasa video, go here “Bagaimana mengatasi bantahan saya tak mampu membayar ansuan bulanan?”

There are 3 additional lessons from the video.

1. Did you notice the Sales Advisor, Ms Angela said, “Do you want to put down a RM500 or a RM1,000 booking deposit?” She avoided using the word ‘pay’ and instead used the words ‘put down’. It sounds less painful!

2. Buying a car is usually an emotional decision. Create a nice imagery in the mind of the prospects so that they can ‘feel’ the benefits of owning your product. For example driving his family in a brand new car for a holiday.

3. Summarize the benefits of the car to remind the prospect the advantages of owning your product. Present 3 most important benefits for the prospect just like Ms Angela did when she said to the prospect, Mr King, “And you will get superb safety, nice comfort, and great performance!”

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Below is the transcript of the video:

Coach: Hi, I’m Lisa! One of the biggest challenge in doing sales is handling objections.

For example, let’s say you’re a car salesperson. After informing a prospect the cost of the monthly installment, they say, “I don’t have enough budget for the monthly installment.”

What will you say? If you do not have a sales script for this objection, you will be lost for words like this sales Advisor, Ms Angela.

Setting: At a car dealership

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: For the Premium model, Mr King, the monthly installment is RM1,200.

Prospect, Mr King: RM1,200 a month! Oh, that is out of my budget!

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Er…If you can add more down payment, I’m sure we can reduce the monthly installment.

Prospect, Mr King: I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve for the down payment.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Well… if you take the Basic model instead of the Premium model, I’m sure the monthly installment will be less than RM1,200

Prospect, Mr King: No… I’ve set my heart on the Premium model with the great features that you convinced me I must have.

Let me save up first. Bye!

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Wait… don’t go… Waa…

Coach: Poor Angela! Let’s give Angela another chance to recover the sale. She meets Mr King again at a café and uses a powerful closing technique to close the sale.

It is called “Reduce to the Smallest”, that is reduce a seemingly big problem to a very small concern.

Setting: At a café

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Hi Mr King, in our previous meeting, you said that the monthly installment of RM1,200 is out of your budget.

Prospect, Mr King: Yes, that’s right.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: I understand. May I know what your budget is?

Prospect, Mr King: My budget is RM900 a month.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: I see. So there is a difference of RM300?

Prospect, Mr King: Yes, that’s correct.

Coach: Notice, with just one question, “What is your monthly budget?”, Mr King’s problem has been reduced from RM1,200 to just RM300!

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Mr King, I’m sure you’ll agree that for just a little RM300 extra you will get all the great features and benefits of the Premium model!

Prospect, Mr King: …I don’t know…

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: And you will get superb safety, nice comfort, and great performance!

Prospect, Mr King thinking of a car with these benefits.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Imagine the fun you will enjoy driving this brand new car around with your family!

Prospect, Mr King Imagining driving with his family in the city

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Actually, per day, there is just a difference of RM10. Just RM10 a day! And you get a brand new car!

Prospect, Mr King Imagining driving with his family on the country road.

Coach: So now, the RM1,200 problem has been reduced to RM10, a tiny concern!

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Today, RM10 can’t even buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Prospect, Mr King: Ha, ha, that’s true.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Now, Mr King, do you prefer white or silver?

Prospect, Mr King: White looks good.

Sales Advisor, Ms Angela: Do you want to put down a RM500 or a RM1,000 booking deposit?

Prospect, Mr King: RM500 please.

Ms Angela celebrates her success!

Coach: So by reducing the RM1,200 problem to just RM10, Mr King felt confident to purchase a new car! The closing technique ‘Reduce to the smallest’ uses Power Sales Scripts!

By the way, the questions “Do you prefer white or silver?” and “Do you want to put down a RM500 or RM1,000 deposit?” are Power Sales Scripts as they cannot be answered by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.


Hi, I’m Song. I hope sharing my sales experience will help you make more sales.

Bye, and have an awesome day!!


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