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Premier site for car salespersons: Proven sales tips for closing every sale!

How to close a sale: Overcome objection, “I want to ask my wife”

How to close a sale: Overcome objection “I want to ask my wife” by using Power Sales Scripts.

For Bahasa video, go here “Bagaimana dapat mengatasi bantahan saya nak tanya bini dulu?”

To be a successful salesperson, you must have ready answers to all the sales objections that your prospects will sure to raise. The 4 most common sales objections are:

These are the additional 3 lessons we can learn from the video:

  1. When a prospect raises the objection, “I need to ask my wife first”, usually he does not really need to ask his wife. Generally it means he still have concerns you have not addressed. Hence, if you allow them to walk out of the showroom, you may not hear from him again. Therefore, you must attempt to sign on the spot.
  2. Angela uses a positive sentence “That sounds fair, right?” in her closing instead of “Does that sound fair? Notice the word, ‘Right?’ This is called positive framing. We want to subtly influence the prospect to agree with us by repeating the word, ‘Right’.
  3. “Would you like to pay a booking deposit of Rm500 or RM1,000” are Power Sales Scripts as they cannot be answered by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. The question forces the prospect to focus on only 2 choices, either of which is favorable to you!

Below is the transcripts of the video:

Coach: Hi I’m Lisa. One of the most difficult sales objection you have faced is, “I want to ask my wife”. If you do not have some Power Sales Scripts to overcome this objection, you will fail to close a sale. This happens to Ms Angela, our favorite Sales Advisor.

Setting: Apex Car Dealership

Salesperson, Angela: Mr King, would you like to pay a booking deposit by cash or credit card?

Prospect, Mr King: I need to ask my wife first.

Salesperson, Angela: Ok, so when can I call you?

Prospect, Mr King: Oh … one or two days will do. Bye!

Then Mr King goes to a competitor’s showroom … (And bought a competitor’s car!)

Salesperson, Angela: (Calling Mr King on the phone) Hello, Mr King. What did your wife say?

Prospect, Mr King: (Driving a competitor’s new car) Hi Ms Angela. Sorry, I’ve bought another car.

Salesperson, Angela: Oh, I see (disappointed) Waaa … (Crying)

Coach: Poor Angela! So without Power Sales Scripts to overcome the objection, “I want to ask my wife”, Ms Angela failed to sign any order. Now, let’s see how Ms Angela can do better this time.

Setting: Apex Car Dealership

Salesperson, Angela: Mr King, would you like to pay a booking deposit by cash or credit card?

Prospect, Mr King: I’m not ready to book yet. Ineed to ask my wife.

Salesperson, Angela: I understand. Tell me, what are her 2 favorite colors?

Prospect, Mr King: Hmm … white and silver.

Salesperson, Angela: What will be her first choice?

Prospect, Mr King: White.

Salesperson, Angela: Good choice. So I will put down white on the order

Prospect, Mr King: Hang on, not so fast. I need to confirm with her.

Salesperson, Angela: Mr King, that’s a great idea. Go ahead and call her to confirm.

Prospect, Mr King: I would rather discuss with her at home.

Ms Angela strengthens her mind by imagining chopping down a tree: HAAAAAYAK! I will fight for this sale! I will chop down this objection!

Salesperson, Angela: Yes, I think we should talk to her. Since the test drive car is available, we can let her experience the dynamic performance of the car. I can also answer any question she may have.

Prospect, Mr King: I prefer to discuss with her alone.

Ms Angela brace up herself by imagining winning a boxing game: HAAAAAK! I’m not letting you go so easily.

Salesperson, Angela: Mr King, I understand why you are a little worried to let me meet with your wife. Perhaps, you’re worried that I will pressure both of you to buy. I promise there will be no pressure to buy.

Prospect, Mr King: Ha, ha, yes, I was a little worried. But actually, she’s not home at the moment.

Ms Angela puffs on an imaginary cigarette: I have thick skin! If I let you go I may not see you again.

Salesperson, Angela: In that case, Mr King, I’m proposing a win-win solution. I propose that you put down a small deposit to lock in today’s great promotion. That’s a win. And after you have discussed with your wife, you decide not to proceed with the deal, that’s ok. You win back your full deposit. That sounds fair, right?

Prospect, Mr King: Right, that sounds fair.

Salesperson, Angela: Would you like to put down a RM500 or a RM1,000 booking deposit?

Prospect, Mr King: RM500

Ms Angela surfs a huge wave to celebrate her success: Yabadabadoo!

Coach: Yes, Angela did it! So, you need to be ready with Power Sales Scripts to keep the conversation going! Please check out other Power Sales Scripts to handle common sales objections on this channel. Bye!


Hi, I’m Song. I hope sharing my sales experience will help you make more sales.

Do you think these sales scripts will work for you? Or how do you handle the sales objection, “I need to ask my wife.”? Please comment below!

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