My wife took one look at me and asked, “What’s your problem?”

“No problem.”, I said. “I just want to look macho and rugged.”

“Well, it looks like you have many problems”, she said nonchalantly and went out.

Chastened, and without the encouragement of my most precious partner, I reluctantly shaved it off.

When she came back she asked, “What happened to your machoness?”

“I shaved it off. I thought you say I look like I have a lot of problems!”

She paused for awhile and then concluded, “Well, it looks like you don’t have any problem now”

Well, how can you understand women?

You know the guy with the T-shirt that shouts, “I don’t need Google. My wife knows everything”? Well, he’s dead now. Just kidding! I believe he’s a great sense of humor and so he’ll be ok. (For all concerned readers, don’t worry, my wife doesn’t know about my weblog)

We show only his back for his own protection.

Rita Rudner

Also, Make sure your wife does not know what Rita Rudner said, “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy the rest of your life.” (No, don’t google, you do not need to know who she is)

Oh, ok, click below for Rita Rudner on Marriage.

Remember Rule Number 6

I believe the first rule of humor is Remember Rule Number 6. (Story from a book, The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander)   It goes like this:

Two prime ministers are sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a man bursts in, apoplectic with fury, shouting and stamping and banging his fist on the desk. The resident prime minister admonishes him: “Peter,” he says, “kindly remember Rule Number 6,” whereupon Peter is instantly restored to complete calm, apologizes, and withdraws.

The politicians return to their conversation, only to be interrupted yet again twenty minutes later by a hysterical woman gesticulating wildly, her hair flying. Again the intruder is greeted with the words: “Marie, please remember Rule Number 6.” Complete calm descends once more, and she too withdraws with a bow and an apology.

When the scene is repeated for the third time, the visiting prime minister addresses his colleague: “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of Rule Number 6?”

“Very simple,” replies the resident prime minister. “Rule Number 6 is ‘Don’t take yourself so damned seriously.”

“Ah,” says his visitor, “that is a fine rule.” After a moment of pondering, he inquires, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?”

“There aren’t any.”

So lighten up and stop taking yourself so darn seriously. (Check out other uses of Remember Rule Number 6)

Scientific proof

What? You need scientific proof? Ok, there is actually an International Society for Humor Studies working on this topic since the 80’s. No joke! In fact, the 29th Annual conference of the International Society for Humor Studies was held from July 10-14, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. See, humor is no joke!

Yes, humor melts tension. It bonds you with those who laugh with you, and that includes your spouse. When we laugh, our body produces Oxytocin, a powerful hormone sometimes called the love hormone, cuddle hormone, or the bonding hormone. How cool is that? Every time you and your spouse laugh together, you’ll bond closer. It’s fun and does not cost a dime.

I’m sure you can agree with what Henry Ward Beecher said, “A marriage without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs – jolted by every pebble in the road.” (Go ahead and google Henry Ward Beecher)

The woman and the drunk

This reminds me of a sweet couple who has been happily married for a long time. When they visit us, the husband likes to tell jokes because my young son loves to hear them.

For most of his jokes, the wife will just smile. But a few, she would strongly protest, ”No, not that joke. That’s not a nice joke.” Yeah, you guessed it, the more he wanted the tell it!

So he began, “On a flight, a woman admonished a drunk to behave.” The husband then acted out the part of the drunk with his slurred speech and jerky movement. He said, “The drunk said to the lady, ‘Well lady, I may be d-rrunk now. But to-mo-rrow, I’ll be s-o-ber. But you…you…will stilllll be urrrgly.” We all laughed.

But, the wife would just look at him with a serious frown. And he would laugh loudly again. The joke, it seemed was not really for us, but merely to annoy the wife. I think the jokes help to bond them together. As Jay Leno says, “You can’t stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh.” Ok, the wife didn’t laugh at his recycled jokes, but I’m sure he has said some witty things to make her laugh many times in their long marriage. So, stay funny; stay happy.

For more laughter in marriage, check out “Is that you talking or the wine?


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