So how can you keep selling cars during the lockdown? Please watch this fun video and see whether you are a time-waster or a go-getter salesperson.

Watch a 2 great videos on Power Sales Scripts to close every sale, “The Cook, Fried Rice & Eggs” & “How to close a sale by getting an appointment using Power Sales Scripts”

Is it really possible to keep selling cars during MCO? Well meet Miss Phung (meaning sweet as honey). She sets a target* of 5 bookings (April). And she is on her way to achieve it! (As at 24th April, she has already collected 4 bookings) Her secret? She says, “I can!” And she did it!

Miss Phung
Miss Phung “I can do it!”

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*Why is it important to set target? See the article “How to Sell More Cars: Etched Your Target in Stone


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