You need to make an ambitious but realistic monthly sales goal this year. Let me tell you why: You will make more money!

I want to tell you about Ms Nee, an automotive sales representative in an Indochina country. She was working for a car dealer selling a popular Japanese brand. But she was told to go because, as they told her, she was no good at selling.

Ms Nee committing 5 bookings to herself and her Sales Supervisor
Ms Nee committing 5 bookings to herself and her Sales Supervisor

Then she joined another car dealership. I had the pleasure of training her when she first joined in Sept, 2018. One of the most important step in sales success is etching your target in stone. It means you are serious about achieving it and you work hard everyday to reach it. Being a new salesperson, her fellow salespersons were surprised she set 4 sales per month. New sales person usually set one or 2 bookings per month.

Well, in September, she had 0 booking. In October, 2 units. But in November, 6 sales and in December, 5 bookings! An awesome accomplishment for someone who was a ‘reject’! She did well because she was very serious about achieving her target and she worked hard everyday to get leads and prospects, working through Saturdays & Sundays!

For January, 2019, she set her target as 5 units. You can see her picture above.

How Does it Work?

How does this work? Just by setting a target and you can achieve your goal? Is it that simple?Yes! And I must add, “You need DETERMINATION and discipline to follow through.”

Target must be Etched in Stone
Target must be Etched in Stone

Let me illustrate it this way. If you are Jogging for the first time, you will probably be panting after 300 meters. You stop. You jog another 200 meters and you are already tired. You stop again. Do you continue? You will, if you have set a target and are DETERMINED to reach it. But you will quit if there is no target. Hence, if you set one km as your target, you will continue to jog or walk until you reach your goal.

Let us get into the thinking process of Ms Nee:

Ms Nee’s thinking process to achieve 5 bookings
Ms Nee’s thinking process to achieve 5 bookings

Will she reach her target? You bet she will!

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