“Is that you talking or the wine?”

This line comes from a joke but could well be true. A husband and wife are drinking wine. Suddenly the wife says, ”I love you”. The husband smiles, ”Is that you talking or the wine talking”. The wife replies, ”It’s me talking to the wine”.

I love you
I love you

Imagining this is a real story, we can assume the couple is happily married. Happily married does not mean problem-free. It’s just that humor has cushioned much of the bumps in their relationship.

I’ve been married 29 years and my dear wife and I have had our share of ‘tribulation’, as one ancient book says. But humor has added so much fun to our marriage.

When I posted the following photo on my Facebook with the caption, ”Beauty and the beast. But ah, who’s the beast?”, I knew she’ll be a sport.

Yes, that’s the wife


Nevertheless, a word of caution. Do not in any circumstances joke about your wife’s weight or her family. (But she can poke fun at everything about you) If you, the husband, is asked by your wife, ”Honey, do you think I’ve put on weight?”, just borrow this reply from a very enlightened man, ”Sweetheart, now there’s just more of you to love!” I wonder what happened to him?

Husbands, have fun! Wives, be kind to your husbands. (You may like How to improve marriage, use humor!)

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