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Nissan Almera Turbo 2020 – Superb Safety!

The new Nissan Almera Turbo boasts a safety feature called Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Braking (available on all 3 variants). It uses radar to warn the driver if there is a risk of forward collision. If the driver fails to brake, it will automatically applies emergency braking to avoid an accident 0r to minimize the damage of forward collision. It operates within 5km/hr to 80km/hr.

3 days ONLY 16-18 Oct, 2020

Watch the explainer video (15 seconds) below:

It also has Blind Spot Warning (VLT variant only) which uses radar to alert the driver when there are other vehicles in the blind spot area. This allows the driver to change lane safely. It operates when the vehicle travels above 32km/h. Watch the Blind Spot Warning in action in the video (20 seconds) below:

In addition, it has a useful safety feature when backing out of a parking spot, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (VLT variant only). The system detects any approaching vehicles from either sides and alert the driver. Watch an explainer video (20 seconds) below:

A really important safety feature all driver needs is the Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection (VLT variant only). With a 360 degrees view, a driver can park easily. The Moving Object Detection will alert the driver if  a pedestrian or a cat is moving near the vehicle. Watch the video (30 seconds) below:

Explore the other benefits below: (Click on each link for full details.)


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To know the differences of the 3 Almera variants and 6  colour choices, go here.

The Almera VLT also has a host of other safety features which you can access  below: Isofix (10 seconds video):

HSA – Hill start Assist (30 seconds video):

6 Airbags. See how airbags work in slow motion (60 seconds video):

ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System (45 seconds video):

BA – Brake Assist (60 seconds video):

EBD – Electronic Brake Force Distribution (60 seconds video):

VDC – Vehicle Dynamic Control (30 seconds Video):

TCS – Traction Control System (30 seconds video):

For a list of cool Almera accessories, go here: 2020 Nissan Almera gets list of optional accessories by Paultan.

Which of these safety features are must-haves for you?