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Hi, I’m Song. But I can’t sing. I can sell though. I’ve been in sales for 25 years. Currently, I’m a sales trainer for an established company. Looking forward to sharing fun and useful life tips I’ve learned from life hard knocks.

Delightfully married for 29 years.

Yes, that’s the wife
Yes, that’s the wife

2 Kids.

Kids, too late to give up for adoption
Kids, too late to give up for adoption

Frosta, dog-breed Poogrel, half-Poodle, half-mongrel.

Frosta. (Not for adoption)

Our favorite plant, Planty. True, a very imaginative name. Wife named it. So, that’s final.

Say hi to Planty

If I have a fish, I’ll call it Fishy. And if I have 2 more fish, I’ll call them smelly & stinky. Love to hear your life tips and lessons too.

Bye and have an awesome day! Song

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