Nah, don’t imagine yourself here!

But I think, for you and I, regular people, meaning working people, or people in school or colleges, we just have to do the things we don’t like. And to do them first. And hey, we can apply that in so many situations.

Happiness @ School

Homework or game first? Game of course! A quick meal and you are at the game console. Time flies and…homework! Oh no, I have exactly 5 min and 3 secs to complete my assignment. And where can I get a 3 leaf clover at this hour? Argg! Think. Think. Come on, think harder! What’s my excuse for not completing my homework? The cat poop on my paper. No, sounds like my last excuse – the dog pooped on my paper. Sleepless night. Tossed and turned. Turned and tossed. See, unhappiness.

BUT, if you have done your homework first, you would have found the 3 leaf clover, and completed your assignment, and slept well. That’s happiness!

At class the next day, you confidently announced to the whole class, and your teacher, you have completed your assignment. You walked up with a swagger to the teacher’s desk and handed in your homework with a flourish. Then you watched Johnny, head down, walked slowly and said almost inaudibly to the teacher, “the cat pooped on my paper”.

Oops, sorry!

Hee hee…


Happiness @ Office

In the many things you are expected to do at the office, there must be a few you dislike most. Let’s say, it’s attending to a customer complaint. So you procrastinate. Then the customer wrote a nasty letter to Head Office. Head Office wrote a stern letter to you and asked for the progress. You have done nothing but sat on the complaint. Argg. What’s the excuse? Think. Think. Think harder. There’s no excuse. Just foreboding. Expecting an earful from the boss. See, unhappiness.

But if you have attended to the complaint immediately, escalated it to Head Office, then it has become Head Office’s issue. You have done your part. There’s nothing gnawing at your brain. That’s happiness!

So, do you have had similar experiences? I like to hear from you! Post your comments below.

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